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I never thought I would see the day when insurance would combine with marijuana, he said before sharing his written legal research and insights on the effects of marijuana on property insurance claims and the strategies for handling them. Insurance Dilemma Whether a substance is legal is an important consideration under insurance policies, he stressed in describing the current dilemma for the insurance industry. Weve got more than half the states with some form of legalized marijuana, he said. Theyre all kind of different. In fact, 28 states and District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some form and about eight have legalized recreational use to some degree, his research for the PLRB session revealed. But marijuana is a defined, controlled substance under federal law, a Schedule 1 illegal drug under the federal Controlled Substance Act with a high potential for abuse considered as bad as heroin. So weve got federal law telling us its illegal to possess, sell or handle it and weve got these state laws saying that in some circumstances and under some limitations its OK. And even OK to sell. insurance adjusters So where does that get us? he asked. Although marijuana possession is legal in many states, that is not the final insurance answer. Insurance coverageis very much an open question for a variety of reasons including that policies typically do not mention or are ambiguous about marijuana, possession is illegal under federal law but the federal government has looked the other way, and the rules and science around marijuana intoxication are unclear. In the course of his presentation, Johnston asked and answered: is there coverage for marijuana plants stolen from a home, or for harvested products by a grower whose business policy excludes growing crops, or if an insureds live-in boyfriend burns down a house while toking up, or if an insured driver gets into an accident while using a controlled substance?

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[loss assessors]

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